Committees of QSRBN

Committees of the Board

The board carries out its functions through the instrumentality of its 6 Committees namely, Registration And Certification Committee, Accreditation And Conformity Assessment Committee, Research and Development Committee, General Purposes Committee. Monitoring and Enforcement Committee and Disciplinary Committee

The Registration And Certification Committee processes and recommends those to be registered as quantity surveyors or practising firms by the Board.

The Accreditation Committee designs accreditation instruments and templates for accreditation of quantity surveying programmes being run by Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria and recommends to the Board as appropriate.

The Research and Development Committee handles the issues of professional development, new business opportunities and frontiers of knowledge expansion, amongst others.

An Ad-hoc Investigating Panel, headed by the Vice-President with 7 members is usually set up to investigate allegations of misconduct against Registered Quantity Surveyors. Non-members of the Board could be co-opted if necessary. If a case has been established against the Member, the matter will be handed over to the Disciplinary Committee for further action.

The General Purposes Committee handles issues of staff welfare, human resources, personnel and general administrative matters relating to the Board and its Secretariat.

This is the monitoring, enforcement and compliance arm of the Board. As the name implies; it is responsible for monitoring the activities of registered quantity surveyors and practising firms to ensure competence, ethics and integrity. The Committee also deals with the issue of quacks and other imposters.

The Disciplinary Committee is the only Committee expressly mentioned in the Law establishing QSRBN. Its terms of reference are for the discipline of any erring registered Quantity Surveyor.