The Board of QSRBN

The Board of QSRBN is made up of eminent professionals from the Quantity Surveying industry in Nigeria. They are appointed to the Board in accordance with the act of the Board. Learn more about the members of the board.

The criteria for board membership include:

  • Five persons to be appointed by the Minister of whom one shall be appointed from Ministry under his control and the other persons from amongst other interests in the field of quantity surveying covered by the Decree which in the minister’s opinion are not adequately represented.
  • Five persons elected by the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors in the manner for the time being provided by the constitutions of that body.
  • Four persons to represent the Universities and other institutions of higher education (including technical colleges) offering courses leading to an approved qualification in Nigeria having faculties of quantity surveying and each institution having no more than one representative at a time.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held quarterly, with the President as the Chairman, while the Registrar is Secretary to the Board. However, emergency meetings could be convened, when necessary.

The Board




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